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Health & Safety


Larne Harbour Ltd is committed to protecting the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees and those affected by its activities and to minimising any adverse Environmental impact of its business.

The Company considers that these matters are Management responsibilities, which rank equally with financial, marketing, personnel and commercial matters. For this reason, a designated Director of the Company has a special responsibility to maintain an overview of Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment and will periodically issue a report on progress to the Board. The Managing Director has delegated general responsibility for implementation of the Policy to the Harbourmaster.

Employees at all levels are reminded that the success of this Policy depends on the acceptance by each of them of their respective degrees of responsibility for Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental matters in their own workplace.

It is the Policy of the Company to:

  • Issue and keep up to date Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental policies and appoint a Board Member to be responsible for implementation.

  • Comply as a minimum with all legal requirements at every location where it operates and where Legislation does not exist, set its own standards enshrining best industry practice in comparable activities.

  • Encourage participation, commitment and provide appropriate training for personnel.
  • Ensure that the Health, Safety and Environmental implications of all investment decisions are considered and ensure that facilities, plant and equipment incorporate the best commercially viable Health, Safety and Environment equipment, techniques and protection.

  • Investigate and report any fatality and all other serious Safety or Environmental incidents to a Director of the Company, the P&O Main Board Director responsible and the P&O Safety, Environment Directorate and ensure that these are properly investigated and that appropriate remedial steps are taken.

  • Implement Health, Safety and Environment management systems, which include the setting of objectives and targets, the assessment of risk, emergency planning and regular auditing.

  • Encourage contractors and suppliers to achieve comparable Safety and Environmental standards.

  • Co-operate with, and take account of the concerns of, external bodies and local communities who may be affected by its activities.

  • Submit an Annual Report on matters relevant to this Policy to the P&O Main Board Director responsible.

  • Review its policies at least once per year or sooner if a material change in the Company's operation occurs.

The Company recognises its duty to comply with the above in respect of its employees and will bring the Policy and any revisions to their attention.