Port Of Larne - Freight

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N.B. High Visibility Clothing must be worn at all times within the Port Area.

Driver Accompanied Traffic

At the Port of Larne there is a separate check-in for freight traffic which offers a more efficient service for freight drivers. A dedicated drivers' lounge and shower facilities are available in the terminal building.

Unaccompanied Traffic

The Port of Larne is fully equipped to accept unaccompanied traffic with extensive parking available. P&O Ferries Dockside staff are fully trained to load all types of trailers ensuring a safe and secure passage.

Hazardous Cargo

P&O Ferries operate an International Maritime Organisation Dangerous Goods Code computer database and have trained personnel who can advise on customers hazardous transportation needs.

Heavy Haulage

Staff at the Port have the skills to handle a wide range of heavy and outsized cargo. To date we have shipped tracked machines, piling rigs, construction plants, excavators, wind turbines and even a mile of railway carriages. Maximum weight for heavy loads is 180 tonnes and maximum height is 5m.