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Health, Safety & Envioronmental Protection Policy

Larne Harbour Limited is committed to achieving the best possible health, safety, environmental protection and business standards.  These matters are central to the company’s financial, marketing, personnel and commercial considerations.

I, Keith Millar, Managing Director, champion this policy: my responsibility is to ensure that line managers have the commitment, competence and resources to implement the policy and achieve its aims.  I have appointed Trevor Wright as the senior manager for coordinating this policy throughout the company.

The support and professionalism of our people will make the policy succeed

Recognising that our activities matter to the community, our people and customers and to others who may be affected by what we do, we will:

  • Identify hazards and control risk as core elements of our strategy
  • Provide equipment that is safe to use and systems of work which will allow us to pursue the best standards in health, safety and protection of the environment
  • As part of their continuing professional development, train our people to meet the needs of our company and customers, while allowing us to work safely
  • Encourage effective communication with our people, customers, contractors and suppliers, and with others affected by our operations and take account of the views expressed
  • Encourage our contractors and suppliers to achieve comparable health, safety and environmental standards
  • Wherever accidents and incidents occur, focus on lessons to be learnt rather than people to blame
  • Set objectives and targets to reduce work-related ill health, accidents and adverse environmental impact
  • Constantly improve and develop our safety management system, using legal requirements as our foundation
  • Seek continuous improvement in safety and environmental performance via increased awareness of the importance of human factors in safety and environmental issues.
  •  Monitor our progress and provide periodic reports at a minimum of once each year.

This policy will be subject to regular consultation and annual review.


Security of People, Premises and Assets Policy Statement

Larne Harbour Limited is committed to providing a secure working environment and to take measures to
prevent unlawful acts against people and property. The security of people is integral with their safety and
the security of premises and assets is important to our business continuity.
The Security Manager, reporting to the Harbour Master, is responsible for security within Larne Harbour
Security is an element of safety management and as such is the responsibility of line managers throughout
the business.
Recognising that we can never be complacent about security we will:

  • Maintain access control measures in our premises and port as sufficient for the prevailing risk
  • Comply with international requirements for the security of ships and port facilities as laid down in the
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and any other specific port-related security legislation
  • Promote security awareness amongst our staff
  • Report all significant security breaches, threats and incidents to the Managing Director.
  • Review this policy from time to time


Social Responsibility Policy

Larne Harbour Limited has always recognised that its business should be conducted in a socially
responsible way. The Company is committed to seeking to achieve and maintain the highest standards in
all aspects of its activities.
In recognition of the importance of these matters a designated Director of the Company has special
responsibility to maintain an overview of areas of social responsibility and will periodically issue a report to
the Board on such matters.
Employees at all levels are reminded that successfully maintaining the highest standards relies on everyone
sharing responsibility for living up to the aspirations set out in this Policy.
The Company is committed to:

  • Abiding by the law.
  • Seeking to contribute to the wellbeing and development of the society in which it operates.
  • Protecting and enhancing the health, safety and welfare of its employees and seeking to avoid or minimise any adverse environmental impacts.
  • Building and maintaining open and effective two-way communications on environment and community involvement.
  • Creating and maintaining a working environment in which the capabilities of all employees are developed and to providing competitive terms and conditions.
  • Recognising and respecting the human rights, dignity and needs of all employees.
  • Conducting its business with honesty and integrity and applying the highest ethical standards.

In implementing this Policy the Company will :

  • Issue and keep up-to-date a statement of its commitment to social responsibility issues and appoint a Board Member to be responsible for their co-ordination.
  • Develop systems to monitor implementation of these policies.
  • Develop an understanding amongst personnel of the issues of social responsibility through the provision of appropriate information and training.
  • Review its policies at least once per year, or sooner if a material change in the Company's operation occurs.
  • Ensure that the social, ethical and environmental implications of all investment decisions are considered.

The aspirations detailed in this Policy are neither fixed nor exhaustive. The Company recognises that
change can occur quickly and this Policy will be reviewed annually in order to ensure that its stated
intentions are appropriate to the conditions within the community in which the Company operates.